Together with our business partners, we design immigration strategies that minimize costs, decrease tax exposure, and ensure full compliance with the complex immigration and nationality laws within the Netherlands and other EU countries. We also offer legal advice and services in the field of employment law and specializes in advising and assisting expatriates.

For each individual case we can put together a team of professionals comprising international corporate taxation specialists, accountants and other experts. Efficient execution is vital. We don’t just seek to answer your immigration or employment questions and deliver a solution. Instead, we work to understand the business context behind it, meeting your needs even more effectively.

Founder –(JOHN) S. Singh, LL.M.

I offer high-quality legal services with flexible, transparent fees. My access to a solid network of legal and business specialists makes me your designated partner for entrepreneurial growth. I believe in nurturing long-lasting relationships with my clients.

What We Do

Knowledge and Experience

Corporate immigration law and employment law

As a lawyer, John advises employers and employees in the Netherlands and elsewhere and acts as a designated contact for companies wishing to establish themselves in the Netherlands. He is a specialist in corporate immigration law as well as in international employment law. John has a solid network of lawyers in the EU who are familiar with local laws and regulations and is ready to assist you with the smooth expansion of your business within the EU. Do you require a standard work permit, an investor permit or an EU Blue Card, or would you like to make use of the ICT Directive? John has the necessary expertise to guide you.

Lawyer with a focus on entrepreneurship

John studied business law as well as economics. Thanks to this combination of legal expertise and entrepreneurship, he is well equipped to contribute actively towards your business – a clear added value that is much appreciated by his clients. Over the past 10 years, John has helped many foreign companies set up business in the Netherlands. His assistance is not limited to legal support but encompasses all other aspects that ensures a soft landing and helps you hit the ground running. John can tap into the expertise of a select network of partners that has proven its worth on several occasions.