Protecting employee data is essential in today’s business environment

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means non-compliance is not an option. This complex regulation may require a thorough reassessment of how personal data is stored and processed.

The processing and protection of personal information is a highly important and sensitive area. Data privacy is a civil right in most countries. In recent years, privacy authorities and legislative bodies have placed a strong focus on compliance. European companies risk huge fines (up to 20 million euros) and investigations if they do not comply with the now considerable amount of privacy legislation.

Employee Data Management

For an organisation to function, employers need to process and maintain a wide range of personal data for as long as an employee remains in their employment and even beyond: for example, during recruitment and onboarding, throughout the course of the employment relationship and after termination. Employers must collect certain sensitive information from employees (names, date of birth, bank account numbers, passport details etc.) and need to protect confidentiality by ensuring this data is not inappropriately used or made available to others without the employee’s consent.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure this personal data is protected and must guarantee a certain level of privacy. They need to have clear and easy to understand privacy notices for their employees. These notices should cover the broad array of personal data processing activities that the employer will undertake during (and beyond) the period of employment.

Data retention is a particularly difficult area for many organisations. Employers must have operational data retention and destruction processes and policies in place to ensure they meet the requirements of the GDPR. At the same time, they also need to minimize the resources and time needed when dealing with an employee data access request.

Across Border is passionate about the legal protection of your employees’ personal data and can ensure that you will be up to date with the latest changes in the field of privacy law.

Why Across Border?

As laws and regulations related to privacy and data protection are constantly changing, it is important to remain up to date by staying informed and continually assessing compliance. Data protection must be embedded across an entire organisation at every level so that the right to privacy becomes part and parcel of corporate culture.

International employers can stay ahead of legislative requirements by adopting a global approach to maintaining and processing personal data in compliance with the GDPR. By ensuring personal data privacy rights are embraced by everyone within an organisation and even go beyond regional legal stipulations, the right to privacy becomes a core value. The employees will feel a sense of trust with their employer and in this way, organisations can demonstrate leadership in personal data protection and secure the full trust of their employees.

There are many ways organisations can demonstrate leadership in personal data protection and secure the full trust of their employees.

How Across Border helps you to be in compliance with Data Privacy Law

Our team of international legal privacy experts will make sure that you are up to date with the latest changes in the field of Data Privacy Law. Our experts will provide you with advice and information on all your questions and concerns about Data Privacy Law. Even when your company is located outside the EU, you should be in compliance with the GDPR in case you are posting workers in one of the European countries. We will make sure that your company is at all times in compliance with the GDPR.
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