Investment & Self Employment Visas Europe

There are several ways to start a new business and a new life abroad, reaping the benefits of being in an EU nation as well as the local benefits afforded to foreign businesses and investors. Where other immigration lawfirms stop at the border of the Netherlands, we go further to provide you with more affordable and easy immigration options throughout Europe.

Self-Employment Visa / Business Visa:

We understand that you as an entrepreneur are searching for a easy and affordable options to start your business as a self-employed person and to obtain residency in Europe. Without too much hassle, we can help you to start up your own business and provide you with support through the process of obtaining a self-employment visa. Within Europe there are several possibilities to start your own business or work as a independent contractor. The cost of starting a business as self-employed person and obtaining the required residence permit in a EU country starts from €10,000,-.
Being self-employed in Europe is an incredibly attainable way to move to Europe and obtain the benefits of the European freedom of services and movement within the Schengen area.

Recidency by Investment

The Investment Visa programme facilitates second residency, immigration and citizenship through investment. Purchasing real estate is the primary route for acquiring residency by investment in EU countries, starting from € 250.000,-. It can provide a second residency for you and your family whenever needed, without the requirement to emigrate permanently. It also makes travelling, especially in Europe, so much easier. This flexible option can eventually lead to citizenship.

We understand your needs

For a successful Self-Employment Visa or an Investment Visa, a qualified partner who secures your investment and delivers exactly what you expect is key. We are specialised in immigration law and work with a close-knit network of European immigration lawyers and global business consultants who possess expert knowledge of law and can offer extensive insight into investment opportunities in Europe. We offer several options for a Self-Employment Visa or Investment Visa troughout Europe. Ask us about the options which will be the most suitable for you.

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