A points system exists for entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in the Netherlands. The system determines the added value of the business for the Netherlands and is based on various factors, including the number of jobs to be created, the businessperson’s level of education and experience as an entrepreneur and his or her work experience in general.
• A points system also exists for independent artists and athletes
• The admission conditions are considerably more flexible for Japanese and US entrepreneurs (for example, the points system does not apply to these nationalities)

Soft landing

We have helped many foreign companies set up business in the Netherlands. Our assistance is not limited to legal support but encompasses all other aspects that will help you hit the ground running. We can tap into the expertise of a select network of partners that has proven its worth on many occasions.
Do you want to start a business in the Netherlands? We will guide you and your business through the pitfalls of legislation and local customs to avoid economic risks and ensure a soft landing with a high chance of success. Contact us today.


Foreign investors qualify for a residence permit for the Netherlands if they invest at least €1.25 million in the Dutch economy. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency assesses the added value of the investment, not least in terms of job creation and innovation.
• The residence permit is valid for three years and can be extended
• After five years, the investor can apply for a permanent residence permit

Portugal, Greece and other southern European countries

Foreign investors are increasingly investing in European real estate. Portugal, Greece and other southern European countries currently have a very favourable investment climate. For foreign investors, a Golden Visa therefore offers many interesting advantages.
• Favourable return on investment
• Residence permit for the country in which you invest, also for your family
• No obligation to establish yourself permanently in the country

The minimum investment amount differs from country to country, as do additional conditions. For Portugal, the minimum investment in real estate is €350,000.

Knowledge of legislation and investment climate

We are familiar not only with European legislation on investor visas but also with the European investment climate. Are you interested in obtaining a Golden Visa and would you like to know where the best investment opportunities are? We are the ideal partner for international investors looking to invest in Europe. Contact us today.


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Want to know more about the Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme?

We can assist you with your application in all the above cases. Our extensive experience in this field ensures that the procedure does not take longer than strictly necessary and you can start benefiting from your employee’s services as soon as possible. Call or email us today for an appointment.
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