Inbound Cross border activities

Employers in the EU can transfer a non-EU employee to the Netherlands or vice versa without the worker requiring a work permit. This is called a cross-border service. There is no need for a work permit even if an employee lives outside the EU. In the Netherlands, it is also not necessary to pay social insurance premiums for the employee.

To obtain a residence permit with the aim of providing cross-border services in the Netherlands, the following conditions apply.

• The Public Employment Service (UWV WERKbedrijf) must be informed beforehand about which services it concerns and where they are performed.
• The service preferably relates to specific activities with a fixed time against a pre-agreed payment.
• The transferred employee is entitled to a salary, work and rest times, holidays and health and safety standards in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement provisions.

A1 statement

The service recipient established in the Netherlands asks the EU service provider for a so-called A1 statement. This states that the social insurance contributions are paid in the employee’s country of residence. The A1 declaration is valid for 24 months and is provided by the social insurance institution in the employee’s country of residence.

In the case of cross-border services, employees do not officially join the labour market of the member state. The distinction between the free movement of services and the free movement of workers is important: the free movement of workers requires full equal treatment. With the free movement of services, the law of the relevant member state remains valid.

Intra EU mobility

We can help transfer your employees within the EU. It is possible for an employee not only to move from one EU state to another but also to work in these member states with a single work permit. When your company operates internationally, you will have to deal with the employment legislation of multiple countries as well as mandatory European legislation. We have specialist associates throughout Europe with many years’ experience of dealing with the relevant issues. For example, we know if work permits are required, which employment law applies to a specific assignment and the minimum salary threshold in the new country. We will make your employee’s transfer as stress free as possible.

Our experts

Cross-border service employment requires an understanding of best practices. We know all about European employment and corporate immigration legislation, as we have been providing advice on cross-border mobility issues for many years. Thanks to our practical experience, we can handle any risks or problems that may arise. We also have access to a robust, established international network of advisors, lawyers and specialists. Due to our knowhow and extensive network, we can offer the best service to clients when dealing with complex cross-border projects.

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Intra-EU Mobility

An ICT permit issued in one country allows that part of the activities is performed in other EU Member States (both short- and long-term). While it does enable mobility within the whole EU, local implementation leaves room for discretion resulting in small or sometimes considerable di erences in the process and conditions per Member State. For example, for short-term mobility, Member States can opt for a noti cation requirement or not. For long-term mobility, Member States can opt for noti cation or an application of a mobile ICT permit.

Would you like to know more about the notification procedure for EU service providers?

Is your company based in the EU and do you consider temporary employment of a non-European employee in the Netherlands? We are happy to see what the possibilities are for you. Contact us today.
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