EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a work and residence permit for highly educated migrants from outside the European Union. The EU Blue Card exists in addition to the Dutch Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme and is not a replacement for it. Although the conditions for an EU Blue Card are stricter than for the Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme, the EU Blue Card offers several interesting advantages.

Conditions for the EU Blue Card

To be eligible for the EU Blue Card, applicants must meet several conditions. An applicant must have
• an employment contract with a salary of at least € 5,670,00 gross per month (excluding 8% holiday allowance), which amounts to a gross annual salary of € 73,483.20 (including 8% holiday allowance); higher than for the Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme
• obtained at least a bachelor’s degree and had the foreign diploma evaluated by the agency for International Credential Evaluation (IDW)

Advantages of the EU Blue Card

• The cardholder may reside and work in another EU member state without needing a temporary residence permit (MVV). (Bear in mind that each EU member state may apply its own income requirements and diploma evaluation criteria.)
• Eligibility requirements for the permanent EU residence permit for long-term residents are more flexible. The EU grants this permit to persons who have resided in an EU member state for a minimum of five consecutive years.
• EU Blue Card holders may add up the periods of residence in different EU member states to meet the five-year requirement
• Moreover, they may return to their country of origin for work, volunteering or study purposes for a total of 18 months (for a maximum of 12 consecutive months) during these five years
• A company wishing to employ a highly educated migrant with an EU Blue Card does not have to be recognised as a sponsor by the IND. (See Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme)

EU Blue Card exceptions

Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom do not participate in the European Blue Card Directive.

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