Highly skilled migrant

The Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme is a fast and relatively simple procedure for hiring knowledge workers from outside the EU. It is by far the most popular option for companies that want to recruit international staff. For instance, no prior work permit is required.

Salary requirements for highly skilled migrants in 2024

A minimum salary requirement exists for highly skilled migrants. The application must be accompanied by an employment contract confirming the salary. The minimum gross monthly salary of a highly skilled migrant in 2024 is as follows.
• € 3,909 (excluding 8% holiday allowance) for highly skilled migrants under 30.

• € 5,331 (excluding 8% holiday allowance) for highly skilled migrants aged 30 or older.

• €2,801 (excluding 8% holiday allowance) for highly skilled migrants after an orientation year for graduates or highly educated persons.

In all cases, the employment contract with the highly skilled migrant must be for at least four months. Different rules apply to scientists (salaried scientific researchers, PhD holders and unpaid scientific researchers with a grant) from outside the EU.

IND-approved sponsor

Before you can hire a highly skilled migrant from outside the EU, you must register your company with the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service). To become an IND-approved sponsor, the reliability and continuity of the company is assessed. A recognised sponsor is considered by the IND to be a reliable partner which has a duty of administration, information and care.
• You must pay a fee to become a recognised sponsor; in 2020, the fee was €4017.
• Companies that have been in existence for less than 18 months or which employ fewer than 50 employees worldwide are entitled to a reduced rate of €2008.

The IND considers certain issues when assessing the application, including registration with the Chamber of Commerce, turnover and profitability, the reliability of the directors and any bankruptcy declarations in the previous three years. It also investigates any arrears in the payment of social insurance contributions and payroll taxes, tax negligence penalties and fines for violations of the Foreign Nationals Employment Act, the Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance Act and the Aliens Act.

Please note that the application procedure for companies that have been in existence for less than 18 months takes place through the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and requires significantly more time and paperwork. Regardless of the age of your company, John Singh will be happy to assist with the application to become an IND-approved sponsor.

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